It’s been a busy summer for us HFAW collaborators. But as the weather turns colder, and a lot wetter, we will be redoubling our efforts to get HFAW studios out into the wild. If you would like to contribute, collaborate or know of a possible site please let us know. Here is another photo of Scott LaForce’s residency in the Mississippi Studio last year.


Scott LaForce is in the studio this week riffing on consumerism and trash. In our modern society we often overlook and learn to ignore the waste we produce and how it invades our everyday life.

For those of you not familiar with the philosopher Slavoj Zizek, he had a very compelling lecture about this idea of trash in a postmodern world that is appropriate for what Scott is doing in the habitat. Check out the video here from the movie The Examined Life:

As for Scott’s work, he’s off to a roaring start despite Springs’ last hurrah of rain and a bit of damp this week here in Stumptown. Be sure to visit his blog for more on what he’s doing:

Lots happening at the little studio that could on N. Mississippi. We’re into our third artist week-long residency.

We started with Anne Greenwood and Sandy Sampson, the artist duo from the Mississippi hood. They had a very engaging collection of yard trophies and prints with some great interactions with locals. Here is a collection of photo’s:

A visitor takes S/G through the process and poses with her nominee and a shot of the wall of fame_ some of our visitors

The Sampson/Greenwood duo was followed up by Damon Ayers who created engaging signs that asked questions of the public.

Now, this week we’ve had a sound artist in the studio, Jessica Pierson who is doing an interactive sound engagement this Friday. Make sure you check it out the weather is supposed to be perfect.

There has been a tremendous amount of activity around the studio at 4424 North Mississippi in the last week as we geared up for our residencies. We built and installed the studio earlier this month and had a few of our artists rotating through the space to warm it up.

Our final set of artists participating in this first run for HFAW are:

Jeff | Jeff was in our studio earlier this week and will return in late May
Jeff is responsible for the steel sign on site as well.

Jessica Pierson | | Jessica’s residency is from May 5 – May 12

Scott  Scott’s residency is from May 26 – June 1

Damon  Damon’s residency is from April 28 – May 4

Michael  Michael’s residency is from May 13 – 18

Sandy Sampson  will be partnering with –
Anne Greenwood | from April 21 – 27

Erica Melville |  Erica has already spent a few days in the studio and will return later in May

Anton Pavlenko |  Anton will be in the studio later in May

Eric Boyer |  Eric spent some time in the studio this past weekend and will return as a floater in May

Alex Peyton-Levine |  Alex has done some very interesting land art experiments over the course of three days so far. She’ll fill in another day or so in May. Alex is one of the HFAW leaders.

Todd Sargood | Todd is also a leader and makes sure the studio is maintained. He’ll be working in the studio this Friday and floating throughout the project.

E. Odin Cathcart | Odin is a leader on the project, and manages the artist scheduling and promotion. He will spend some time in the studio later in May as well.

Damon Ayers sitting in the sun under a Jeff Whitaker mobile.

Alex Peyton-Levine's walked path.

Jeff Whitaker inside the studio

HFAW Site SignOur new signage is in the ground at our site at 4424 N. Mississippi Avenue. We have a temporary stencil on our OSB until our final vinyl is printed.

We’ll be looking at potential gallery space this week for our wrap-up exhibition as well as visiting with our friends at the The Rebuilding Center. They have pledged material to get our first Habitat studio built and we’re very excited to work with a local business and get recycled materials for our build.

We’re slowly receiving entries for our Call to Artists. If you are an artist or know an artist please pass on the word about this. We’ll be making our final residency selections on April 2nd.

We also want to thank the folks at Prost and Atlas Tattoo for allowing our residency artists to use their facilities (i.e. bathroom) while working at the site. As we are a low impact, sustainable project there is no electricity at the studio or bathroom. We rely on our neighbors for support and we appreciate the cooperation of the community!

We will be printing tee shirts soon for our artists in residency and for sale to raise funds to the public. This will make it easy to spot our artists in the community while the project is running in April and May. We’ll be announcing who is printing the shirts soon and how you can get one.

HFAW Tee Shirt Design

We also want to give a shout out to our mothership back east who is installing the Washington D.C. – 5 x 5 Project right now (March 19th & 20th). We hear D.C. is in full blooming glory. Say hi to Obama for us.

What began over a conversation during a few beers last year is now approaching reality. In just three short weeks the first Habitat for Artists West project will be installed at 4424 N. Mississipi Avenue.

It has been very busy here at HFAW as we gear up for the build and the installation.

The frame for our new HFAW site sign. (courtesy of Jeff Whitaker)

This St. Patricks Day we’ll be installing our new sign at the site. The sign will not only let people know this is the home of HFAW but will also be periodically updated with information such as dates of events, schedules of artists, etc. We want to thank one of our core artists Jeff Whitaker for his fine metal smithing to create the frame for us.

We have sent out a call to artists for our first residencies. The details can be found on this site. We’re looking for up to 8 more artists to fill our time slots. The deadline is the end of this month.

We are in the process of gathering materials for the first build. The following is a wish list of items and services we’re looking for people or local businesses to contribute in exchange for recognition from us:

An empty exhibition space donated for one week (first week in June).
HFAW is looking for a fairly raw space with walls that can hold a small exhibition, no larger than
1500 sf and no smaller than 800 sf. HFAW will use this space to mount our end of project exhibition of all the artists who participating. We need the space for just one week and will return it completely to its original condition when finished. This is a great opportunity for realtors to advertise a commercial space they’re trying to rent!

Catering for our end of project exhibition
Basically, wine/beer and snacks with someone qualified to bartend.

Old 2D artwork (part of covering the Habitat)
If you have old paintings, signage, or photographs that are doomed for the trash bin, we’ll take them and recycle them as covering for our Habitat studios.

A nice old window that opens and has intact glass (see rendering image for an approximation)

Any kind of useable lumber – 1/2″ plywood, old paint (white esp.), aluminum wave panels (like on roofs), 2 x 4’s, 1 x 4’s, OSB sheets.

Screen printing – we need to do tee shirts and posters. This would be for the service, not materials.

Cash donations of any kind. (HFAW is not a 501c, so these would not be tax deductable, but you would be supporting a startup art project in PDX)

If you can help with any of the above or know someone or someplace that can, please contact us via email.